Tracking PPE Distribution

PPE Data

Current as of 9 p.m. August 10, 2020

This data provides a snapshot in time only.

New milestone: The state has now distributed more than 100 million pieces PPE across Washington.


Purchases are the primary way the state has secured PPE, accounting for about 86 percent of items received so far. Donations make up about 2 percent of PPE received. Arrival time for orders can range from days to weeks. For four key PPE items - gloves, gowns, N95 respirators, and surgical masks – state purchases and donations make up more than 98 percent of items received, with Strategic National Stockpile and other federal supplies making up less than 2 percent.

To date:

  • $401.7 million worth of PPE ordered.
  • $175.5 million of the above total has arrived and been paid for.
  • View a list of vendors (PDF) the state has made PPE purchases from.

PPE in Washington

View full table of acquisitions, distributions and processing (PDF)

PPE receipt and distribution data snapshots (PDF)

PPE prioritization information

Data highlights

August 3-7 purchased, received and distributed items


  • Ordered 22.8 million items, including 22 million gloves, 500,000 head caps, 150,000 shoe covers and 30,000 gallons of hand sanitizer.


  • 14.5 million items, including 9.9 million gloves and 3.5 million N95 respirators.


  • Sent out more than 4 million items from inventory, with another 7.8 million pending distribution.

July 27-31 purchased, received and distributed items


  • Ordered 1.7 million new items


  • Ordered 9.2 million gloves and 3.5 million N95 respirator masks


  • Sent out nearly 7 million items from inventory, with another 5.5 million pending distribution

July 20-26 purchased, received and distributed items


  • Ordered an additional 1 million N95 respirators


  • Over 16 million items received


  • Sent out over 7.2 million items from inventory, with another 5 million pending distribution

July 13-19 purchased, received and distributed items:


Over 24 million items of PPE and items like cloth face coverings were received at the warehouse:

  • 5.9 million cloth face coverings
  • 2.8 million gloves
  • 4.2 million gowns
  • 6.3 million N95 respirator masks
  • 5.2 million KN95/FFP/KN90 respirator masks


2.8 million items were distributed, with another 4.7 million pending distribution.

Retooled manufacturers

We are in the early stages as local companies come on-line to ramp up their production capacities and produce items. So far:

  • As of June 26, more than 100 Washington manufacturers have re-tooled.
  • State to purchase the full production capacity from five manufacturers for respirator and surgical masks, hand sanitizer and face shields.
  • Other retooled companies are selling items directly to hospitals and other local entities.